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Head of Program: Dr. Judit Padisák, professor
Responsible Unit:  Institute of Environmental Science
Educational Coordinator: Antalné Siki +36 88 624-314

To train professionals who have a broad knowledge across traditional science disciplines and use the tools of scientific research to study and solve environmental issues.

Program Features:
Introductory classes (1st semester) include courses in applied mathematics, biology, chemistry and earth sciences. Special courses are devoted to developing skills in science communication and facilitating the selection of a thesis topic. Core courses (semester 1-3) mostly consist of classes in various types of instrumental material analysis, complemented by a summer field course, providing skills that are much sought after in the labor market. Students can then choose either the Atmospheric Environment or the Limnology track (semester 2-4). Typically, students in both tracks pursue independent research under the guidance of a faculty member. In order to develop a researcher’s attitude, students participate in science conferences and in the social life of the departments that are involved in the program.

Special Study Tracks:
Atmospheric Environment

Graduates from this study track will be able to perform research on issues in atmospheric science, including the study of atmospheric gases and aerosols and the evaluation of air quality. A degree in this study track can be used all over the world, since research on the aspects of global climate change and its regional effects will remain one of the most important topics in environmental science.


Degree holders from this study track can design and implement observational and experimental research related to natural waters. The European Union Water Directive requires the employment of limnology experts in various research institutes, environmental laboratories and government agencies.

Career Opportunities:
Graduates in Environmental Science can obtain employment in a variety of positions with research institutes, private consulting firms and businesses that specialize in environmental fields. They also find employment with state and local government agencies dealing with the establishment and compliance with environmental regulations. For those wishing to pursue an advanced degree, the program provides preparation for admission to PhD programs in sciences either at the University of Pannonia or at other universities.

Types of Training:
Full-time, state-sponsored masters program with a duration of 4 semesters.
Full-time, individually sponsored masters program with a duration of 4 semesters (tuition fee 300.000 HUF/semester).

Environmental Science MSc prospectus (pdf - eng)



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