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Title of the advanced professional engineer curricula:
Hydrocarbon Technology Development Engineer


Admission requirements:

Master or bachelor level (or their equivalent) engineering degree in chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, material science engineering or environmental protection engineering.

The language of the diploma course is English therefore English knowledge in fluency level is required that should be certified with state exam level B2 or internationally equivalent language exam. In absence of certificate of English knowledge entrance examination in English should be fulfil.

Program leader: Dr. Zoltán VARGA, associate professor


8201 Veszprém, Egyetem u. 10.
Pf. 158.
+ 36 88-624-411
+ 36 70 373 4514

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The program’s goal is to educate specialists in hydrocarbon processing industry, who are possess deep knowledge in refining and petrochemical technologies and able to

F  technical and economic evaluation of product and process development projects;

F  initiate short and long term developments;

F  set up different processing ways as well as evaluate them;

F  prepare decision making studies;

F  initiate and accomplish action plans on efficiency improvement;

F  manage research and development projects.

Training time:  2 semesters.

Number of credits to be fulfilled for the qualification:
 60 credits.

Number of expected students: 10-15

Application deadline: 31st of August

Application form Application form


Feedback of participants

„I was convinced over the one year, that you provide for us a challenging, meaningful program, which is the essence of Oil and Petrochemical industry. Over my 14 years carrier that was the most beneficial program, which I have taken regarding to my profession.”
David Lantos F
Fire and Process Safety MOL 

„I came to DS academy with the idea that I know everything of refining, simulation and part of petrochemicals plants. Unfortunately (or fortunately ?) it was not the case and I had to put real efforts to learn and complete the course. This training really „widen“ my horizon and it is the main gain I see in it. It brings me a breath of fresh air .I am already using for the last few months and I will use this further. ”
France Chopinet
Senior process engineer INA 
„First of all I would like to say thank you that I could participate in Hydrocarbon technology development engineer course of DS Development Academy. This course is unique in the university courses in Hungary and it gives really useful knowledge about technology development. I think all of topics improved our knowledge and widened our horizon in line with downstream development of MOL. I warmly recommend this course all of MOL’s experts who would like to get valuable knowledge about development. I think it will help me in my job to solve problems easier and effectively.”
Endre Kerekes 

“DS Academy from my point of view was rather good initiative for everyone who craves for more knowledge and meeting new and interesting people. Huge benefit was in sense of networking with new people, meeting new friends from different countries, to see that we all have similar dreams, wishes and hopes. Regarding education I think that concept was good because we gained huge knowledge about refinery technology and business”
Nikola Tomašić 
INA, Supply Chain Management 

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Felvételivel kapcsolatos információk:
Fekete Rita 
tel.: 88/624-743 
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